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If you have decided to do your MBA, one of the first steps you need to do is take your GMAT. Most business programs require GMAT as a prerequisite, but not all. I did my GMAT in 2008. I often get asked how did I prepare for it, what are some of my recommendations in terms of the resources to use for the GMAT.

I prepared for the GMAT on my own, and I mainly used two resources.

1. Gmat Review: The Official Guide
2. Kaplan GMAT 2009 Premier Program (w/ CD-ROM)

I found that the Kaplan book gave great strategies to approach the questions, and the Gmat Review : The Official Guide questions were similar to the questions I finally got on the real GMAT exam.

I found that the content of the GMAT itself is not challenging, it required alot of practice and it also required for you to have a strategy to approach the questions. Make sure to schedule time leading up to the exam to practice. Also do alot of practice exams .Don’t be discouraged by your scores. Your scores will improve :).

Good luck studying for your GMAT !

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