Write a Will in 15 Minutes !

Write a Will in 15 Minutes !

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In Ontario , Canada creating a will for yourself can be a very simple exercise. Over 50% of Canadian’s do not have a will. It will take less than 15 minutes for most people to create a simple will for themselves. What I recommend ( remember this is just my recommendation, and I am not a certified financial planner ) is that you create a quick will for yourself , and when you get time , and your financial situation becomes complicated, to meet with a estate planning lawyer and draft a will.

For now, here is what you need to do to create your own will ( I’ll also provide a sample below):

1. Identify yourself in the document
2. Identify that the document is a will
3. Identify your assets , and who you want the assets to go to at your expiration.
4. Sign and date your will ( remember this has to be the last line)
5. Have two people witness your signing and dating of the will

Thats it !! You have a formal will . How cool was that 🙂 ?


“I, Katrina Walters, being of sound mind and understanding the nature of my estate, hereby draft this document and declare it to be my will.”

To Kal Walters and Thar Walters I leave my ownership in the house I own equally divided, as well as all the possessions in the house. I also leave my RRSP, TFSA , my investment accounts, and my savings to Kal Walters and Thar Walters equally divided.

To Darsuku Walters I leave my Honda Civic DXG 2008,as well as all my cloths, non-gold jewelry, handbags, shoes, makeup and my electronic gadgets.

To Danesu Walter I leave my Honda Accord LXG 2005, as well as all of my gold jewelry.

Signature :

Date :

Reference : http://www.ehow.com/how_6402598_write-ontario.html

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