Parking in San Francisco

Parking in San Francisco

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I just came back from a trip to San Francisco. Before going on my trip, I tried google search to understand how easy or hard it is to find parking in San Francisco. The impression I got from my google search was that it was reasonable to expect $25 to $30 USD daily parking. This should be considered a good deal. Based on this finding, I bought a San Francisco City Pass to use the city’s bus system to get to the different attractions. The city pass came with a 7 day bus pass.

What I discovered when I went there was parking prices were reasonable, it was not as horrible as some of the postings I came across on google.

Wanted to share some of the places that you can park at:

  • If you need to get to Pier 39 or downtown close to Fisherman Wharf – Parking at Pier 27 was a good deal. On weekdays it was $15 USD, and you had in and out privileges. On the weekend it was $20 USD and you had in and out privileges. I found this lot to be very safe.
  • Golden Gate Park – Parking at the park is free. Just be careful to lock up your valuables in the trunk. I had a bag in my back seat and someone broke into my car!
  •  Palace of Fine Arts and Crissy Field are near each other. There is free lot parking and street parking near both.
  •  Sausalito – This is a fine city across the Golden Gate Bridge from SF. This city also has free street parking with time limit.
  • A lot of the other areas in the city has free street parking. Just need to be considerate of the signs.

The traffic in the city was manageable. I am from Toronto, Canada. So my baseline is against another city.  The street signs were easy to understand and it was easy to drive around the city.

Just one more note to add. I visited SF around January (off season).

It is a lovely city !

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