San Francisco – Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco – Golden Gate Bridge

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On my trip to San Francisco, I visited the Golden Gate Bridge multiple times from different locations. I went to the San Francisco side of it and walked across to the other side during the day time. Would definitely recommend doing this. There is something so magnificent about a seeing a world known landmark, and the beautiful breeze from the Pacific Ocean doesn’t hurt either.  I took a cruise from Pier 39 that took me under the bridge. This provided an interesting view of the bay and the bridge. I took this cruise in early January so it was a bit cold, but enjoyable. I also drove to the San Francisco side at night time to see how the bridge looked at night time. It was pretty, but not worth the trouble if you are short on time. Also there are not many people around at night time near the bridge and it was a bit creepy. Just skate boarders. Didn’t feel that safe on my own, trekking around to get a good view at night time. I went to Crissy Field and the view of the bridge from there was beautiful. Would definitely recommend going to Crissy Field. Free parking, amazing views, and just a beautiful place to walk around in.

Some interesting facts about the bridge I remember from my boat tour:


  •  When the initial design was proposed many people were opposed to the idea of a bridge across the bay into SF. After much lobbying it was approved.
  • During the time the bridge was built it was common for 1 worker to die for every 1 million dollar spend on a construction project. The person in charge was very adamant that this does not happen on the bridge project and even went as far as to put a safety net underneath the bridge as it was being build saving many lives. This ratio did not hold for this project.
  • The orange paint helps with visibility of the bridge during fog.
  • One of the most photographed bridges in the world.


Here are some of my favorite photos of the bridge. I think the photos convey the beauty of the bridge better than my words can…
Golden Gate Bridge view from Crissy Field
From underneath the Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge @ night time
The view beside the Golden Gate Bridge
On the Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge – From SF side

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