Where to find events that may affect the financial markets tomorrow?

Where to find events that may affect the financial markets tomorrow?

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The financial markets are affected by many different events. Events such as a Central Bank’s decision on interest rates, government releasing different type of numbers such as unemployment rate, major companies reporting earnings, events that affects large countries such as a recession in China, and events that affect specific sectors such as OPEC’s decision to cut oil supply.

In addition to the specific news stories that come out throughout the day, the markets are affected by specific events. See below for some examples and places to keep track of events.

This Bloomberg Calendar below tracks different US Government statistics. The nice thing about this calendar is if you click on an event it has an explanation of the statistic/event.

The NASDAQ earnings calendar shows the list of all the companies reporting earnings for a specific day. You can sort by the company size. Usually the larger a company, the larger its earnings effect may be on the overall economy.

The TMX earnings calendar gives you the ability to sort by different exchange.

The scheduled events, and the news stories should help determine the trading strategy for the week, as well as help understand what might happen to the markets during the day or during the week.


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