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I just came back from a week in Mexico ! Here are some of my thoughts on Mexico !

When planning a trip to Mexico there are many different cities that you can visit. I struggled with picking one. Some of the choices I considered were Cancun, Playa del Carmen , Cozumel – These three areas combined is known as the Mayan Riviera , and Los Cabos  . We settled on Cancun, because we wanted to scuba dive at the underwater museum in Cancun.

We stayed at the Iberostar Cancun.  This was a 5 star resort. It was smaller then what I was used to, but probably one of the most beautiful resorts I have stayed at. Amazingly designed grounds with a stunning pool, and on a beautiful beach. The beach had strong waves, but it didn’t prevent us from swimming in it. If you like your beaches calm ( blah ), then the Cancun area in April may not be for you !

See resort photos below:


The Cancun airport was easy to navigate, you just had to ask people to figure out where your pickup place was for your resort. There are a lot of time share presentation offers – it starts at the airport itself. People will invite you to presentations at other resorts. This is a good way to reduce your excursion costs. It takes away between 2 to 4 hours of your time, but it can save you as much as 120 US dollars on excursions. If you decide to go, just make sure the presenters will cover your transportation cost. We did two, one at our resort and one at another one. This saved us around 240$ on excursions, and we found the experience interesting.  We didn’t find it to be pushy, at the end of it we just said not for us and picked up our vouchers.

I was pleasantly surprised by Mexico! It was stunningly beautiful, extremely safe, had beautiful beaches ( I am comparing it to Jamaica and Hawaii) , and had so many different places to see and so many different activities to do !

We did a combination of staying at our resort and going off to do different activities. I‘ll try to write a posting for each excursion that we did. The things we did:

  1. The Ancient Fortress of Tulum , swimming at a Cenote nearby and visiting the city of Playa Del Carmen : Tulum
  2. Visiting the Mayan city of Chichén Itzá is one of Mexico’s most visited archaeological sites, and swimming at another Cenote near by : Chichen Itza
  3.  Xplor
  4. Scuba Diving – @ MUSA and near the reefs : MUSA Diving

One of my reasons for picking a 5 star resort was in the hope that the food will be great. The food was just good.  I liked the food in Jamaica much better. I did enjoy the fresh Guacamole at each meal, the cheese selection, the bubbly, and the guava and mangoes.

In the Cancun area there are tons of hotels build on a stretch of premium beach land. Close to 200 or more hotels in one stretch. I didn’t mind this setup. It actually made it safe for us to travel around in public transportation in Cancun. We took the bus one day to downtown Cancun to do souvenir and normal shopping. We also took public transportation to get to our Scuba diving location. Felt completely safe!

The inside of our resort was beautiful, the area near the pool had lots of palm trees and shade, the pool was an infinity pool with a swim up bar in it, the beach had little shelters for shade and the water was clear with minimum seaweed, the sand was super soft, and there were hammocks under the shade to relax.  Great resort to unwind and relax!


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