Toronto – Salad King for a Year

Toronto – Salad King for a Year

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One lovely Thursday, I decided to treat one of my co-worker to some spicy lunch. We work fairly close to Salad King (Thai restaurant) and walked over there for lunch.  They had these contest ballots at our table. I never pass up filling out a contest entry!  So I filled mine out without any sort of expectation. I never win anything, but you know can’t give up hope. Went on to have a lovely lunch.

The next day – I was in a good mood. It was FRIDAY, and my promotion had just become effective. So I spend most of my day checking my new title and salary in our HR system, and smiling (I am a first world human!).  Around 3 pm – I received an email congratulating me on winning salad king for a year! I was so excited to win (I have not won anything before)!! This was almost as good as the new role I had just taken on! I promptly responded and texted all my friends!

Winning this contest entitles me to receive an appetizer, main dish, drink and a desert for no charge once a week! Resulting in 52 free meals! I am looking forward to trying some new dishes and will share some of my feedback on the dishes I try! I figured 52 weeks means I need to get creative with some of the dishes!

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