Canadian stocks that are under $5 – Discovered from BNN

Canadian stocks that are under $5 – Discovered from BNN

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I was interested in finding stocks trading on a Canadian exchange that is trading under $5. I used to identify some stocks that were currently trending on, that was under $5. Below are my thoughts on such stocks:

  • FTG-T – Circuit boards for airplanes. Small company, small volume. Has a one year target of $3.38 and the current price is $3.08. That will give me a 9% return which is decent but I am going to keep on looking.
  • ESP-T – No buy. Lost contract with Rogers. Can’t tell what they are currently working on.
  • ANF.V – This is a company that does acquisition, exploration and development of mineral resources. It was recommended by Rick Rule and a famous mining entrepreneur Ross Beaty in the mining sector. He is also an investor in alternative energy sector.
  • IVN.T – Mining Company. Copper company. 3 Buy and 3 Hold and price target is at $1.63 . Analyst expecting weak copper markets for the next 2 years. Long term hold – mine production of 2 of their mines are expected in 2019.

All of the stocks in this post have very low liquidity and are higher risk than the stocks I normally post about. What makes them attractive are their similarities to a penny stock. The price is low so you will be able to purchase more quantity for a set amount of capital.

I like both ANF.V and IVN.T. Please note these two stocks are high risk and speculative in nature. I am going to be purchasing both in my RRSP and I am not planning to sell either for at least two more years. So I would only recommend researching them if you have capital that you can lock in for some time and that you can afford a 30-40% loss in.

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