Maui, Hawaii – Flight, Hotel and Transportation

Maui, Hawaii – Flight, Hotel and Transportation

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I have been writing blog posts about my past vacations. Two main reasons for writing such posts. One – I want to be able to remember what my vacations were like. I want to capture my experiences in writing before it disappears from my mind!  Second – I want to provide some insights to others planning to visit such places.

One of my most favorite vacations was to Maui, Hawaii! This place left such a lasting impression on me that I still tell people if I can move to anywhere in the world it would be Maui!


We flew into Hawaii from Toronto, Canada. We flew to Vancouver and from Vancouver we flew into Maui. We had a11 hour layover at Vancouver! By the time we reached Maui we been traveling for 24 hours! We  picked this flight route because it was the cheapest option available! I would not recommend taking such a long flight! Just not worth it!

Transit at Vancouver

We landed in Vancouver at 11 pm. Our flight wasn’t till next morning 10 am. Our plan was to stay at the airport.However it was so dull at the airport, we rented a car and decided to explore Vancouver! It was under $30 to rent a car for the night and close to $100 for a hotel room! So we picked the car!

We asked the rental agent direction on how to go to downtown Vancouver and just took off in our rental car. It was an interesting experience. We spend few hours walking around and getting the feel of the city!

After a couple of hours we slept in the car and headed back to our transfer flight in the morning!

I still remember the random wandering of Vancouver city with fondness!


Hawaii is the most isolated populated place on Earth. Getting there involves flying over water for hours. It is breath taking to watch the ocean as you near Maui!

Despite our long journey to get to Maui, we were so excited when we landed.



We had rented a car and the rental company gave us a Jeep instead!  There are multiple rental agencies right outside the airport. The airport is small compared to city standards. However, it serves the purpose.

I definitely recommend getting a rental car! We are from Canada and driving in Hawaii is very much like driving in Canada. Being able to drive everywhere and enjoy the different activities at our own pace made this trip so much more pleasurable!

There is a famous drive in Maui called “The drive to Hana’ – this drive is through a rain forest and across many one lane bridges. People at times may discourage you from doing this drive. It’s silly. There is nothing challenging about this drive. Follow the rules of the road and you’ll be fine!

There is another attraction in Maui called Haleakala. It is a mountain/volcano. Again driving to this place is straight forward. Nothing to worry about.

When we were doing research we read mixed reviews for driving to both places – so just wan to make sure that I provide some clear guidance. The drives to these two places are straight forward – just follow the rules of the road.

I remember driving from the airport to the hotel. It was windy and the air was just so fresh. It was such an enjoyable experience! There is not much traffic and the roads are in great condition!

Our Maui Rental Car
Our Maui Rental Car


We stayed in Maui’s Southern shore at a resort called Makena Golf and Beach Resort. This is the side of the island where some of the more expensive resorts are located. We just got lucky and got a great deal at this hotel including an amazing breakfast buffet. The hotel, beach, gardens and the golf course of this resort was just stunning! We loved every moment on this resort! They even upgraded us to a great ocean view room! It had valet parking , which we used .

The famous Molokini crater near Maui was visible from the beach of this resort. Many days and evenings during the vacation, we would either be in the water or on the chairs at the beach just watching the crater and listening to the waves!

The grounds of the hotel had many beautiful flowers. I especially liked the various different color Plumeria flowers.

The hotel also offered bikes for its guests! We had a fun time riding to different places from the hotel. Well I only sort of knew how to ride a bike so I slowed down my friend.

The hotel had a great gift store with many selections. I bought a mask and some pearls from the gift store.

The hotel also offered shuttles to nearby shopping center and restaurants! We used it many times to go to different places for dinner! We also used it to visit The Shops at Wailea. I liked this shopping center very much. It has some high end stores and some authentic grocery and souvenir stores. I bought many souvenirs from the shops here.

We had lunch one day at the golf course on the resort. It was fancy and the food was good !

Plumeria flowers @ the resort
Plumeria flowers @ the resort
Makena Golf and Beach Resort, Maui
Makena Golf and Beach Resort, Maui
Golf Course , Makena Golf and Beach Resort, Maui
Beach , Makena Golf and Beach Resort, Maui
Beach , Makena Golf and Beach Resort, Maui
Beach , Makena Golf and Beach Resort, Maui
The Shops at Wailea

Unfortunately this resort now has been converted to a beach club! If I were to visit Maui again I would look for a hotel in this area with similar amenities !



2 thoughts on “Maui, Hawaii – Flight, Hotel and Transportation

  1. We’ll definitely do the two roads trips you suggested! I wish there were bikes at our resort, maybe next time. I am in love with this place. I can imagine how my retirement will look like ?

    1. Its beautiful isn’t it 🙂 !! I felt the same way for a long time after coming back from Maui !!

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