Ted and Other Talks of 2017

Ted and Other Talks of 2017

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The year of trying to expand my mind !

Here are the Ted and Other Talks I have watched so far this year

  1. How to find work you love      – Good talk good lessons to take away
  2. Keith Barry Does Brian Magic  – Entertaining not worth watching  no take away
  3. Why You Should Talk to Strangers – Good talk
  4. Falling in love is the easy part – Interesting talk to watch –  The 36 questions
  5. An ode to envy – Gives you a chance to reflect .
  6. Somm – Into the Bottle  – Not a TED talk but a documentary on Wine. Amazing and must watch for anyone who likes wine !
  7. A simple way to break a bad habit  – Great talk . Watched it twice !
  8. Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius – Starts slow but a good lesson !
  9. The psychology of your future self – Good talk
  10. Be passionate. Be courageous. Be your best. – Amazing people ! Inspiring Talk.
  11. How to succeed? Get more sleep – Nothing special in the Talk itself . The title describes the point !
  12. Julian Treasure: 5 ways to listen better – Good talk. Useful, I would listen to it again.
  13. Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen – Useful talk  – lessons to take away .
  14. Isaac Lidsky: What reality are you creating for yourself? – One of my favorite talks. Need to watch it multiple times to let it sink in.
  15. The power of believing that you can improve – Different Idea – Good to watch if you guide people or have kids or younger siblings.
  16. Peggy Orenstein: What young women believe about their own sexual pleasure – Great talk – Everyone can get something out of it !
  17. Laura Vanderkam: How to gain control of your free time – Some good take away items
  18. Joi Ito: Want to innovate? Become a “now-ist” – Interesting talk . Worth watching
  19. Richard St. John: 8 secrets of success- Good Tips
  20. Jeff Bezos – Gifts vs Choices – Great Talk
  21. The Happy Secret To Better Work – Shawn Achor – Good talk
  22. Mohamed Elerian – Economics  – Interesting Views . He worked 15 years at the IMF
  23. Add to list Like Download Rate Hans Rosling: The best stats you’ve ever seen – Informative and Interesting
  24. Benjamin Zander: The transformative power of classical music -Good introduction to classical music
  25. Chip Conley: Measuring what makes life worthwhile – Good to watch
  26. How great leaders inspire action
  27. Change Your Mindset and Achieve Anything | Colin O’Brady
  28. Programming your mind for success | Carrie Green
  29. Want to sound like a leader? Start by saying your name right | Laura Sicola

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