Chicago Shopping , Field Museum, Art Institute of Chicago and Shedd Aquarium

Chicago Shopping , Field Museum, Art Institute of Chicago and Shedd Aquarium

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Summary : Go shopping at Macys in Chicago , go to the Art Institute of Chicago and skip the Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium unless you have a very keen interest in such attractions !



On a Saturday morning we went to Macys for shopping.   They had a special Saturday sale going on that day ! We found some great deals on shoes, gloves, and scarfs ! I am from Toronto, Canada – compared to Toronto for similar quality of items the prices at Macys in Chicago were of great value !  We went to pick up a hat and a scarf and ended up spending 4 hours and buying lot more stuff ! I liked the variety of items they had and the prices. Highly recommend a visit to Macys !

Macys Chicago
Macys Chicago – Shoes !

The Art Institute of Chicago

One of the things I was very much looking forward to from my City Pass was the visit to The Art Institute of Chicago . The City Pass also includes the free audio set as well.  This Art Institute is huge with some amazing paintings including an impressive impressionist collection. You can spend half to a full day here. This has a five star rating on trip adviser and is well worth it ! Really enjoyed all the paintings. Definitely recommend it if you are interested in Art !

The Art Institute Chicago

Field Museum

Another item from my City Pass was the visit to the Field Museum. This is a huge museum with many different variety of exhibits . Some of my favorite exhibits were the Egyptian exhibit , Terra Cotta Soldiers and Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex .  Visiting this museum can take more than a whole day. If you only have a few days in Chicago I would skip this unless you have a keen interest in Natural History Museums.

Field Museum
Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex
View of the skyline from in front of the Field Museum
Chicago – Field Museum

Shedd Aquarium

I have been to many aquariums in Toronto and California. So I wasn’t very keen on going to this aquarium. But this was also part of the city pass so I went. It was an okay aquarium nothing special . Again I would skip this if you are short on time to see the city.

Shedd Aquarium

Chicago City Pass

We had about five days in Chicago so we bought the city pass to explore some of the major attractions of the city. We were also there in February  so thought inside attractions might be better.  In hindsight I don’t think I would buy the city pass. I enjoyed the visit to the two towers and the Art Institute , however wasn’t a big fan of the Field Museum or the Shedd Aquarium. If I had to plan for five days in Chicago again I would make more time for wandering the various neighborhoods and eating at more places. I am from Toronto and have been to many places around the world – Chicago had amazing food in comparison to some major cities I have been to ! The city is a fun city in terms of people and places to explore !!

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