The Bean of Chicago – Cloud Gate

The Bean of Chicago – Cloud Gate

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Summary : If you visit Chicago you must go see the Bean ! See below for why !

I have heard the bean mentioned whenever people talked about Chicago. To me it just looked like a reflective surface that people made funny faces for .

In person it is a really cool structure. Beautifully designed . From the different sides you can see the reflection of the city skyline. Its official name is The Cloud Gate.

Millennium Park – Skating Ring
The Bean – You can see the Park on one side
The Bean
The Bean – Can you see me ?
The Bean – You can see my hotel !
The Bean – You can see the reflection of your hotel on the bean !

The night time view of the bean!

The Bean – At Night Time – Src:IJ
The Bean – Night Time – Src: IJ
The Bean – Night Time – Src:IJ

You can even go underneath the bean as well. It is forever reflected over and over.

Underneath the bean – Me reflected forever!

The Bean is located in Millennium Park, and very near the waterfront.  This is a must do on a trip to Chicago !

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