Best Restaurants in Montreal !

Best Restaurants in Montreal !

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I recently stayed in Montreal for five days and had the chance to eat at some amazing restaurants !  The prices ranged from $5 per meal to $130 per meal!

Hear are my favorite places to eat in order of favoritism :

1 .Joe Beef  

The food at this place was amazing ! This restaurants is #3 on the top 100 restaurants in Canada for 2017. The spot is well deserved !! I had the trout, foie gras , mashed potatoes, almond cake and house chardonnay . I loved the trout and the mashed potatoes ! The bar tender/waiter were extremely helpful and friendly ! The cost for one person was around $130 including tax and tip. Not too bad for a lovely meal !

Joe Beef – Fois Gras
Joe Beef – Trout
Joe Beef – Almond Cake

2. Le Robin Square

Robin Square is near Old Montreal. If you spend the day walking around Old Montreal  – a perfect way to end the day would be to have a meal at Le Robin Square ! This is a family owned restaurant, everything is home made and they try to use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.  The restaurant is not very big – but the servers are extremely friendly and helpful ! I had the gnocchi poutine dish ( seasonal), daily soup, macaroni and cheese and pudding ! I loved the gnocchi poutine dish – it just melted in my mouth ! The soup was very flavorful. For one person it came to around $80.

Le Robin Square – Soup
Le Robin Square – Gnocchi Poutine
Le Robin Square – Macaroni and Cheese
Le Robin Square – Pudding Cake

3. Le Bis

This is one of the more highly regarded Italian Restaurants in Montreal. I was here on my Birthday, and I wanted to eat chicken – this wasn’t on the menu – however they made me chicken Parmesan . The chicken was fresh and excellent ! I also had the stuffed portobello mushroom and that was incredibly tasty. I had a cocktail called sugar babe – this looked great but I wasn’t very fond of it ! This came to about $90 per person.

Le Bis – Stuffed Portobello Mushroom


Le Bis – Chicken Parmesan
Le Bis – Complimentary Walnuts
Le Bis – Complimentary Biscotti

4. Boustan


This is an amazing Middle Eastern Restaurant in Montreal . They have multiple locations in Montreal and some locations deliver ! I ate here twice during my stay . Both times for a late night snack ! Their potatoes and garlic sauce is probably the best I have had and I have had Middle Eastern food in many cities ! They have a special shawarma with potatoes inside it – the chicken one is called creation ! If you go here make sure to order the creation and the potatoes ! It cost me around $13 with a drink. I wish they had a location in Toronto !!

Boustan – Creation & Potatoes with Garlic Sauce

5. Schwartzs Deli

I have heard of this Deli from many friends and family members. I don’t eat smoked meat so I was always hesitant to try it . I still went in to see if they had anything that I can consume :). They had an amazing half chicken and poutine. The chicken was well baked and very flavorful . They also give you a side of coleslaw and pickle that went well with the chicken. It came to about $22 with a drink. If you are in Montreal – definitely worthwhile  to drop by for a meal !

Schwartz’s Deli – Half Baked Chicken & Poutine

6. Satay Brothers

Went to dinner at Satay Brothers one night. This seemed like a pretty cool place to have dinner at and hang out. The seating can be communal if you don’t have a large enough group – but hey you get to meet other people ! The decor is beautiful and well thought out. The food was yummy and the desert was well made.  I had  a bun, noodle dish, laksa (soup) , veggies, spiked lemonade and a desert platter. I didn’t like the veggie dish – too chewy , everything else was great ! I specially liked the desert platter ! The service was friendly and fun ! The total came to about $60. Good value for your money.

Satay Brothers
Satay Brothers – Laksa
Satay Brothers – Desert Platter

7. La Banquise

On my first day in Montreal I was really craving for poutine. To me Montreal represents poutine and bagels 🙂 ! I ended up going to La Banquise. It is a charming restaurant with many different poutine offerings. I had the traditional poutine ( I am a simple girl ! ) . It was amazing. The cheese curds were perfect ! It came to under $15 for a poutine and a drink .

La Banquise – Traditional Poutine

8. Chez Dany Pizza

During one of the wandering days I came across this pizza store. I have heard of this place from friends. The location I found was just a simple take out location. No place to sit and eat. I grabbed a  pepperoni slice. It was yummy and cost me around $5. Perfect snack or lunch !

9. Bao Bao Dim Sum

I decided to visit Montreal’s China Town. It is not very big and it was very near my hotel. You can walk the entire China Town under 15 minutes. I stumbled across a bakery/dim sum place that looked very clean and appetizing called Bao Bao Dim Sum. I tried their Leeks/Egg and Shrimp sticky bun – it tasted amazing and cost me $1.5. I came back another day and tried multiple different sticky buns – cost me around $10. However my favorite still remains Leeks/Egg and Shrimp. Definitely recommend trying it for a simple meal or a snack.

Bao Bao Dim Sum
Bao Bao Dim Sum – Leeks/Egg and Shrimp Sticky Bun

10. Fairmount Bagel

I love Montreal Bagels and my favorite is Fairmount Bagels. This place doesn’t have tables to sit down and eat at nor do they serve your bagels buttered or with cheese. You have two choices. You can get half a dozen and make it in your hotel room – it is very good, you dont have to toast it. Or you can get Fairmount Bagel in one of the cafes/restaurants that serves Fairmount Bagels. You can find a list of places on the Fairmount website. I bought it at the original location got a tub of cream cheese and ate it at a park ! Life experiences ! A half a dozen cost you around $6. Cream cheese container will cost another $5.

11. Halal Guys Montreal

I ordered in dinner one night from my hotel. I used Uber Eats to order Halal Guys Chicken Dish. It was super fast and the food was really tasty ! It cost around $11. I didn’t have a chance to try it in New York so was glad that I could taste it in Montreal. If you need comfort food this is a good choice !

Halal Guys Montreal

12. St. Viateur Bagel

Went to breakfast at St.Viateur Bagel one day . I have heard of this bagel place before so wanted to give this a try . I liked the bagel and orange juice, however they make you order a sandwich instead of just bagel and butter or cheese. The sandwich description was good but the actual combination was not very good . Mine was goat cheese with pesto and pepper . I took out the inside and ate just the bagel. It came with a side salad which wasn’t very appetizing. The coffee was also horrible. I would go back for just the orange juice and bagels. It cost me around $25 for a bagel dish with a side, freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee.

Overall I loved Montreal for the amazing food and people ! I would definitely go back and try different places to eat 🙂 !!



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