My Investing News Routine

My Investing News Routine

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This article on How To Build The Ultimate Stock Screener resonated with me.  One of the tips on this article was to build a professional news routine. I do this informally , but after reading this article I thought I would put it in writing.

My news routine

On a Daily Basis:

  4. I set up news alerts and closing day price alerts for stocks that I own.

These are my primary sources for finance news. I also watch the videos from BNN and Bloomberg on the train. Many additional readings and investing ideas are generated based on the content and videos on these sites.

On a weekly basis :

  1. I read research reports from analysts in large financial firms
  2. I do online research on companies I have identified or ideas I have identified from my daily readings or on stocks that I own so I can make sell/hold decisions.
  3. I further my knowledge on investing through books and/or online educational materials and videos.

This is pretty much my routine 🙂 !


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