Investing Ideas – Seasonality Trading

Investing Ideas – Seasonality Trading

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  • Don Vialoux’s Top Picks: May 8, 2017 – Don Vialoux is a Technical and Seasonal trader that trades based on patterns. Fascinating to listen to him. Take away – When VIX spikes you don’t want to be in the market. Look at the moving average of the major stock indexes – if it is above its 50 day moving average stay in the market and if it goes below, be careful.
  • Also check out his website – . He hosts commentary on the activities of the market and individual stocks based on technical analysis and seasonality behavior.  Sample can be found here .
  • Seasonality Investing – This page provides a good explanation of what is Seasonality Investing and how do you go about using it .
  • This chart is a quick view of which indexes and sectors does well over different time periods.
  • Normally seasonality is combined with technical analyses for entry and exit points of a security – This is a good read on technical indicators .
  • This article provides a good overview of how to read seasonality charts.

I believe seasonality can serve to help fine tune investing ideas that you generate using fundamental analysis. It can also serve as a starting point to find specific securities within a sector. This is what we call in the investment world as top up or bottom down analysis. Definitely worth learning about if you invest on a regular basis.

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