Investing Philosophy

Investing Philosophy

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My Investing Philosophy over the last year has been to research and identify stocks that I believe will do well over the next year , and invest in those stocks.

  • I define to do well as a return > 10%.
  • I invest primarily in companies with little to no debt  and investment grade credit rating.
  • I tend to worry a lot about market crashes and how best to diversify my portfolio so I can minimize losses when they do occur.
  • My investment ideas are generated from recommendations on BNN, News Articles I read , and recommendations from TD and RBC Equity Analysts.
  • I usually read research reports and see if I tend to agree with the analyst’s analysis , than I find other research sources to confirm/deny my hypothesis .
  • I usually have a sell target in mind when I place my buy orders.

This list will be a living list that will be  modified as I refine my  approach.

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