Update on Current Stock Positions – As of May 1 , 2017

Update on Current Stock Positions – As of May 1 , 2017

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I have recently taken some profits and did some short term plays – trades I held for under two weeks.  Some updates below.

  • I sold my position in Air Lease Corporation – This was one of my top recommendations. It was a good recommendation. I made 22% on this stock over a 7 month holding period.
  • I bought SNAP and LAC.TO two weeks ago. They are both stocks I recommended against investing in for long term. You can read the reason for Snapchat here and Lithium Americas Corp here.  However – I had noticed some short term trends in these two stocks – a range the prices oscillated in. So I made some short term trades. These kind of trades can be extremely speculative and high risk in nature. In these two cases the trades paid off !
  • I made a 5% return on LAC.TO in under 2 weeks and 4.38% on SNAP. Not too bad for short term trades. The only regret I have is that I should have held both a bit longer.


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