Bitcoin Investing Introduction

Bitcoin Investing Introduction

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I been hearing lots about bitcoin lately – I remember hearing about in 2011 and thinking maybe I should buy some. Never followed through with it – procrastination is a bitch. This time I am going to spend some time to see if I can understand it, and if it makes sense for me to invest in it.

Reddit has about good introductory post about bitcoin. I recommend you watch all the videos from the link.

Coindesk has some good articles on topics related to bitcoin – I recommend you read all the links in this page if you are serious about learning about bitcoin. Some of the articles are old – but most of the concepts are still helpful for an initial introduction.

Some questions I had as I started looking at bitcoin.

Why is one bitcoin worth so much ?

At the writing of this post it is at CAD $3372.721 . It is up $741.52 within the last week.

How do you buy it ?

You can use bitcoin exchanges – there are may available online, the one I use is Coinbase. I downloaded it from my iPhone app store.

How to ensure the exchange or wallet you hold your bitcoin is secure ?

Will be writing a detailed post on this as I do more research.

Where do you find bitcoin news ?

I found coindesk to be a good source for  bitcoin news.

If you wanted to setup a computer as part of the block-chain:

I will keep updating this article as I find answers to other interesting  bitcoin related questions.  For now the above material should provide sufficient information for an introduction to bitcoin.


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