Lululemon ( LULU ) Stock Position Update

Lululemon ( LULU ) Stock Position Update

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I bought Lululemon stock when it took a beating after its earning reports  in end of March of 2017. See my rational behind buying the stock .

I bought 145 stocks for $51.07 and currently the stock is trading at  $59.10.  That is a 15.7% return in three months. Which to me is a decent return for one of my trades for that time frame !

I was planning to hold on to it for longer – because I believed in the company and its products. I also didn’t think it would be able to return 15.7% in three months. Here I got lucky. The stock has gone up on speculation of a buyout . In the past I have used such rumors/speculation to my advantage to get out of positions on such jumps. According to various articles – the buyout price can be anywhere between $70 to $85 .  For me that would be a return in the range of 45 % to 65%.   At the moment I am not going to cash out on the rumor and will be holding my position until I receive additional information.

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