My Food Experience In Chicago

My Food Experience In Chicago

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On my five day trip to Chicago I was really looking forward to trying out some yummy food places.  Below are some of the places I visited and my ramblings about each place.

  1. Lou Malnati’s – I have always associated deep dish pizza with Chicago and was really excited to try it for the first time. Maybe my expectation was too high. I liked the deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati’s, but it wasn’t mind blowing as I was expecting . I would recommend you give it a try – maybe I was having an off day ! For me the crust was too thick and the pizza not flavorful as I would have expected it to be. I tried two types – the classic and one with tomato and spinach on it. The next time I am in the city I might try a different place for deep dish. I still really want to love deep dish pizza !
Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria Chicago Deep Dish
Chicago Deep Dish

2. Chicago Athletic Hotel Game Room – Hot dogs – I had the best hotdogs I have ever had @ Chicago Athletic Hotel Game Room. Paired with their Mojitos it was a blissful experience. The hotdog was in a toasted bread like bun with various toppings  – no ketchup ! This was my favorite meal in the city !

Chicago Athletic Hotel Game Room Hot Dogs & Mojitos !

3. Shake Shack – I am a big fan of In and Out Burger and Burger’s Priest, so was expecting to like the burgers at the Shake Shack. It was just okay, not good as Burger’s priest or In and Out burgers. I didn’t have a chance to try their milk shake. Going to give it a second try next time. Perhaps it is the burger I choose ! I did like their curly cut fries !

4. Cherry Circle Room – Our hotel had a fancy restaurant that we decided to try one night – Cherry Circle Room . The service was amazing. and the food incredible ! I had the Burssel Sprout Cole Slaw , Ravioli and Creme Brulee . I didn’t know Cole Slaw can taste that good and the Creme Brulee was the best I have ever tasted ! Definitely worth the price and is along the lines of food I expect from Chicago ‘s world famous food scene !

Brussels Sprout Cole Slaw – Cherry Circle Room
Ravioli – Cherry Circle Room
Creme Brulee – Cherry Circle Room

6. Cheesecake Factory – This was just a normal meal . The portions were big compared to Canadian portions – and the food was tasty . We went here for dinner on the day we went up the John Hancock Tower. It was near by and convenient. I sort of wish we took the time to research and find a Chicago specific place.  Oh well.

7. Dove’s Luncheonette – This place was recommended to us by our concierge. I wanted to visit the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago  – one of the reasons being Wicker Park was a movie I really enjoyed. I get kick out of seeing places I have seen in movies. The concierge recommended Dove’s in that neighbor hood . It was a good recommendation. Every detail in this restaurant was taken care of with painful detail . I love when each detail is attended with lots of thought. The food was yummy. I had the Tamal De Pollo Ahumado . The coffee was strong. The waiter’s company enjoyable !

Dove’s Wicker Park Chicago

8. Stan’s Donuts & Coffee – After the breakfast at Dove’s we explored the Wicker Park neighborhood and on our way back we stopped at Stan’s for donuts. I had the pistachio flavored donut. It was good but nothing special. I have had better donuts at simper chains. Not a recommendation till I go back and try another flavor !

Stan’s Donuts Wicker Park
Stan’s Donuts Wicker Park

Overall I enjoyed the various food places in Chicago ! I feel that I have not done justice to the different type of restaurants Chicago has to offer. Definitely will go back and try many more places !

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