Commodity Investing – Cobalt – Katanga Mining Limited

Commodity Investing – Cobalt – Katanga Mining Limited

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There are many ways to invest in commodities such as gold, oil, copper etc. One of the ways I invest in commodities is through the companies that mine the commodity .

In the past I have invested in companies related to gold and oil, and currently I hold a position in a Lithium mining company.

I came across a Cobalt company recommendation on BNN – Katanga Mining Limited. This was recommended by Michael Smedley, chief investment officer at Morgan Meighen & Associates.

I was fascinated with this company for two reasons :

  1. It is a Canadian company trading for $1. I like such companies for my RRSP as a long term hold.
  2. It is a play on the electric car market – Cobalt is a key element used in electric car batteries.

For now I am going to put this company on my watch list. I need to do a few things before I buy a position for my RRSP.

  1. Research on competitors and industry
  2. Review the companies financial statement
  3. Watch the stock price daily movement.

Good luck ! I will keep this thread updated as each of the above item completes.



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