Toledo – Spain

Toledo – Spain

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Day Trip to Toledo from Madrid 

Toledo is the former capital of Spain. It is a medieval town. You can visit Toledo as a day trip from Madrid . Toledo has an interesting history .  It is a place where Muslims, Jews and Christians co-existed for a length of time period in history.  In the city you see the influence of the three different cultures in the architecture of the city and the buildings !

It is a charming city to walk around and explore . There is a large church in the middle of the city . This was a very powerful church during various points in history. The inside of the church is beautiful.

Toledo has always been known for its swords. It is said that many armies in Europe sought out swords made in Toledo ! There are many blacksmiths and swoard shops all throughout Toledo . I bought myself a sword from Toledo ! I bought the largest sword I could fit in my suitcase !

Toledo is also famous for Damascene Jewelry . Damascening is the art of inlaying different metals into one another usually gold or silver into a darkly oxidized steel background  to produce intricate patterns. There are many stores in Toledo that sell such jewelry. You can buy machine made or hand made damascene jewelry . Such jewelries make a great gifts ! I bought machine made and handmade jewelry . Very unique pieces.

The third thing Toleda is famous for is Marzipan ! It is a variety of sweets made up of almond powder, sugar and honey  ! If you have a sweet tooth you would love these sweets ! You can also get them to in variety size boxes to take home as souvenir !

I highly recommend Toledo for a day trip from Madrid ! There are many unique buildings within the city and it gives you a feeling of going back in time ! We did a half day tour – the other half day was at Segoiva ( more about this latter ) . If you have the time I would recommend a full day trip to Toledo !



Toledo Sword
Church in Toledo




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