A Day in Oslo Norway

A Day in Oslo Norway

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Based on my time spend in Oslo – here are my recommendations for a day in Oslo.

  1. Visit The Frogner Park (The Vigeland Park)  . It is a beautiful park filled with over 200 sculptures , rose garden and beautiful grounds. The park is called Frogner Park and the statutes   are referred to as Vigeland Installations .  Initially I thought these were two different parks !  If you are in Oslo – highly recommend a visit to this park . I found this to be one of the highlights of Oslo.
  2. Visit The Royal Palace of Oslo – Beautiful building and the street leading up to it is cobble stone street with lots of stores and restaurants to both sides. Great place to people watch and to get a sense for the city.
  3. Visit Himkok Cocktail Bar – Ranked as top 20th cocktail bar in the world by CNN. The best cocktail bar I been to  !

If I had more time these are some of the other places I would have visited.

  1. Akershus Fortress
  2. Norwegian Folk Museum
  3. The Viking Ship Museum
  4. National Gallery

Oslo is a charming city to visit in Norway . If your main goal is to see Fjords  and you don’t have a lot of time, you can skip Oslo and just focus fully on Bergen . I only had a chance to be in Oslo and I am definitely going back to Bergen in the summer to see the Fjords !

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