Places to Eat in Memphis

Places to Eat in Memphis

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Memphis is known for its BBQ. On our way to New Orleans from Toronto we landed in Memphis and drove to New Orleans from there. One of the reason for stopping at Memphis was its reputation for BBQ ! The other was it was a lot cheaper to fly into Memphis vs New Orleans !

Here are my favorite places for food in Memphis :

  • B.B. King’s Blues Club –  We had dinner here on our first night in Memphis. The food was really good. The Marconi and cheese was incredible ! Simple yet delicious . They also had live music – we had to pay a cover of $5 .  The restaurant had a lot character and history as well. The staff was kind and humble.  Definitely will stop here again if we were in the area. Another plus – this restaurant is on Beale Street.
B.B. King’s Blues Club
B.B. King’s Blues Club
  • Central BBQ , Memphis – Central BBQ was my favorite BBQ restaurant in Memphis. Keep in mind I only eat chicken . They had a good system worked out to handle the customers, and the food was delicious.  I had the pulled chicken sandwich and my friend had the ribs .  Both was really good. We also purchased spices to take back to Toronto.  This place is a restaurant/grocery store combination. It is a five minute walk from Lorraine Motel and ten minute walk from the Blues Hall of Fame.
Central BBQ Memphis
  • Cozy Corner BBQ – This is another famous BBQ place in Memphis . I really wanted to try the Cornish Hen – but they ran out. Their chicken wings was okay – I had better. The Central BBQ is in a nicer area and looks nicer inside. Maybe next time I can try something different here. This place wasn’t for me.
Cozy Corner BBQ
Cozy Corner BBQ
  • The Interstate BBQ – We had Interstate BBQ at the Memphis Airport ! The food was decent. We even brought a frozen pack home and the family really liked. I would like to go back to this place ( the non airport location ) and try some more dishes.
The Interstate BBQ Memphis
  • The Arcade Restaurant – This is the oldest cafe in Memphis and has a lot of history . We stopped by here for a snack and just had the biscuit and gravy and a coffee. Both was mediocre .  Perhaps their main dishes might be better. Still worth a stopover just to understand the history of the restaurant.
The Arcade Restaurant Memphis

Memphis’s reputation for BBQ is well warrant it – just make sure to pick good places for BBQ. If you are interested in places to visit – check out the post I wrote about called ‘A Day In Memphis’ .

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