TransUnion/Equifax Shame On You !

TransUnion/Equifax Shame On You !

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I am based out of Canada and we only have two options to check our credit score – either TransUnion or Equifax . Periodically, I like to check my credit score.

Both sites from their main page offer you to sign up for a monthly monitoring service . There is no visible option for a one time check. I am sure this is what most people are looking for. The only reason I can think of for not offering a one time check is in the hope that customers sign up for this service and forgets to cancel after the one time check ! As a consumer I am disgusted with this practice and it makes me mad each time I go to check my credit.

Shame on you Equifax and TransUnion ! Even if one of the sites had a one time signup I would consistently use that site ! I hope your industry is disrupted ! Customer gorging companies eventually lose out in the long run.

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