What to Invest in for Jan 15th 2018 ?

What to Invest in for Jan 15th 2018 ?

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I need to be aggressive this year with my investing capital to try to earn a larger return. Going to try for larger returns over a shorter investing period.

The biggest pain point is waiting to start – I am going to pick one security to put my money into tomorrow . The maximum holding period for me is going to be one month.

I am going to be investing in stocks trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange to avoid FX fees .

January 15 th is a holiday in the US – the stocks exchanges in the US will be closed.

In order to find a name to trade on the TSX I searched multiple sources :

  1. RBC Research Reports – specifically RBC’s TOP Global 30 Ideas for 2018. I didn’t think I will have enough short term movement in these ideas so I continued to look at other areas. I usually get my long term ( 1 year ) ideas from such research reports.
  2. I checked BNN – I use the various analysts top picks to find new investments. I came across Bryden Teich’s Top Picks for Jan 2018. One of his picks was Alimentation Couche-Tard [ATD’B.TO].  He has a $76 target and there are 13 buy recommendations with none for hold or sell. This is also one of RBC’s Global 30 Ideas for 2018 with an $81 target. A few items from the RBC’s report that stood out for me for Alimentation Couche-Tard was the company’s foot print in Norway and their experience with EV charging stations .  My only concern with holding this short term is that I might not get a 5 to 10% return under 1 month time frame. I might invest half of my money in this stock while I try to find another more volatile pick.
  3. I am going to be investing my other half into LAC.TO. This is a stock I have watched over time and it moves up and down within a range. This is a very short term trade – so hopefully I can make a few hundred dollars on it this week.

I will be placing my orders tonight . I place limit orders and may cancel in the morning if I find that oversea markets have not done well and our markets futures are trending down. If that is not the case – I will let the order go through.

Happy Trading.



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