How To Make Money ?

How To Make Money ?

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Ever since I was a kid all I wanted to be is Rich. Rich for me is having enough financial assets so I don’t have to work and I don’t have to manage every dollar in order to do so.

I had the same goal when I graduated University.

I have had some good jobs where I make decent money – and I have made some money in investments . Nothing to retire from.

When I initially started out – I have also lost significant amount of money in Investments.

I have also spend quite a bit of money on people and items !

I am making a conscious choice today to save , cut down on spending and to focus every day on this goal of making money.

I read somewhere – you have to write down your ideas each day . About 10 ideas on how to make money.

Here goes :

  1. Investments – > You need capital . If you are not knowledgeable this is equivalent to gambling
  2. Utilize Family Members – Have to find smart ideas that they will enjoy and the money would be wroth the effort
  3. Blog – Need to write more and do research on how to promote increase audiecne
  4. Instagram  – Similar to blog – need to understand how this will work
  5. YouTube videos – Worth exploring . Perhaps pick one topic and start
  6. Start a business – Need an idea and passion
  7. Sell what you own – clear out clutter and sell . I have large goals not sure if small ideas such as this one will get me there
  8. Luxury Vacation Planner – I enjoy planning vacations and help my friends a lot . Perhaps this is something I can look into
  9. Teach – I am knowledgeable in different areas – might be worthwhile exploring
  10. Write a book – I do enjoy writing my blog . Worth looking into.

These are quick ideas that popped into my head. I need to make a plan for each one.  Will keep my progress updated on my blog


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