How To Stay Positive and Focused !

How To Stay Positive and Focused !

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I am usually a very happy person and I tend to find happiness in most experiences. Lately I am so drained from work and other demands on my time that I can’t even seem to enjoy the simple things I used to enjoy !

One of my favorite things to do is to write about my travel – when I tried to do that today I couldn’t bring myself to write !

I am not a fan of this place I am currently in and need to find a way to revert back to the old me !

Whenever I am feeling a bit off I watch different Ted Talks . These sometimes make me feel better.

The one I watched today was called : Ten Ways To Have A Better Conversation 

I also try to learn something new . Learning something new always makes me feel better as well.

For the longest time I wanted to learn more about AWS . So today :

  1. I signed up for an AWS Account . You can signup here.
  2. I also tried one of their tutorials : . It felt good to do a developer tutorial.  I believe I will give some of the other tutorials a try. I just need to make sure I setup my AWS account in such a way that I dont get charged for any of it.

My tips for staying positive and focused when you are feeling overwhelmed – watch an inspiriting TED talk and learn something new. One feel help you feel better emotionally and the second one will make you feel better about yourself.

Good luck.


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