Long Term Investing – Hudson Bay [ HBC.TO ]

Long Term Investing – Hudson Bay [ HBC.TO ]

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I think it is time for some long term picks.

My current picks for long term have been held for over 6 months and it maybe time to divest some of the picks and buy some new stocks. You have to take profit periodically otherwise you may lose the gains in a market correction.

I watch BNN regularly and I am a fan of the Top Picks segment. Elliott Fishman of Scotia Wealth reviewed his past picks as part of Feb 12th Top Picks Segment. His choices were  Barrick Gold, Hudson’s Bay and Wynne Resorts.

Hudson Bay resonated with me for a possible long term pick.  It is currently at $9.77. I love shopping from The Bay and I have always been amazed by the the amount of time it takes them to ship items. They are at times faster than amazon 2 day prime ! Which is saying a lot for a retailer . I also like that I can trade this without having to convert my holdings to US dollar.

I have to sell some of my long term picks before I can purchase some Bay stocks. Will confirm once I have done a buy order.

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