Key West – Florida

Key West – Florida

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Key West is the southern most area of the Keys and the southern most point of the United States. It is about 90 miles from Cuba.

I had previously wrote about my experience in the middle Keys and what drove me to the Keys.

When we reached Key West we were excited. We had read about Key West and was looking forward to exploring the city !

We stayed on Duval Street – This is one of the main streets in the Keys. We stayed in a 100 year old house called the Duval House. It was a change from our hotel in Orlando and our resort in the middle keys. The house had lots of character and a charming courtyard.

Duval House
Duval House

Key West has some really great places to eat, Island atmosphere, tons of souvenir shops and a rich History.

We spend a few hours walking around and than caught a sunset cruise.  Key West is famous for its sunsets. Unfortunately for us that day was a bit cloudy. Sunset was still beautiful, but I would imagine it would be a lot better on a non cloudy day.

Key West Docks
Key West
Key West
Key West
Key West Sunset
Key West Sunset
Duval Street @ Night Time
Duval House

Key West had some great places for food.  Our two favorites were The Sloppy Joe’s Bar ( This is one of Hemingway’s favorite bars in Key West  ) and Santiago’s Bodega – a great tapas place ! Highly recommend both if you are ever in the area !

Santiago’s Bodega
Sloppy Joe’s Bar
Sloppy Joe’s Bar

One of the things I really looked forward to in Key West was visiting the Hemingway House.  I had read some short stories of his and was fascinated by him. In addition to being a great writer he had led a very interesting life !  We visited his house and had a guided tour. I highly recommend this visit and the guided tour !

Hemingway House
Hemingway House Swimming Pool – One of the largest pools in all of Key West
Hemingway’s Writing Studio
Hemingway’s Desk
Trying to get inspired from Hemingway’s writing studio !

Two other interesting sites that we saw were the end of US 1 – The longest North South US Highway, and the South most point in the US.

US Highway 1 End
Southernmost point in the US

I liked Key West. A an interesting city to visit in Florida. Worth the visit just for the sea breeze  and great food !

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