Priceline – Review

Priceline – Review

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I have never reviewed any companies, restaurants etc on my blog as a standalone post . My experience with Priceline was so terrible that I felt it needed a standalone post for review !

I have used their ‘Name your Own’ feature for both Montreal, Canada and Barcelona, Spain with the intention of saving some money. This is the feature where you pick the star level , location and other amenities and provide a price and priceline tries to match you to a hotel in that region. You are supposed to be getting ‘deep’ discounts ! In my experience for a five night stay I have seen a savings of $10 CAD. I lost my ability to pick the hotel – to save $10 on a 5 day booking. When I contacted their customer service representative online – to understand how this is a ‘deep’ discount – they were not helpful at all. I was left with  a feeling that maybe it was a chat bot ? Also when you name your price that price does not include taxes.

Even using their normal search feature – the prices are much higher than the ones offered on Expedia. Membership on Expedia is free  and their customer service is incredible !

Don’t waste your time on Pricline- the concept is nice but it is a garbage! Not even worth cross checking prices – I have never seen the price being cheaper on it!

Happy traveling !

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