Keysight Technologies – Keys.N

Keysight Technologies – Keys.N

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I came across Keysight Technologies on BNN . It was recommended as part of two BNN guest’s top picks.

Another reason it caught my interest was because I used to use their products when I worked at Blackberry to develop and test our chip set .

Jennifer Rahman recommended on her top picks.

Some points that she highlighted I found attractive:

  1. 50 percent of their businesses is repeat business
  2. 5 G deployment will require products offered from this company to test

David Fingold recommended as part of his top picks as well.

Some additional points that he highlighted I liked :

  1.  Good way to play on the defense sector

For new companies I look at  investing into, I make it a practice to understand what kind of rating their debt currently has. Keysight Technologies has a rating of BAA3 – which is medium grade of investment grade rating. This is a decent rating and signals a stable business. You can find explanations for different Moody’s ratings here .

I have some money sitting in my RRSP that I am going to invest in this company . At $48 target price of the street, this  will give me an upside of 14.88% if it reaches that target. I am okay with that return while I look for other higher return investments.

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