Norway Bars – Oslo

Norway Bars – Oslo

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Recently I was in Oslo for a weekend . I was there from Friday to Monday . Had a chance to drop by multiple bars on both Saturday and Sunday !

Some interesting observations about Oslo Bars:

  • On Saturday after 11 pm it was almost next to impossible to get a spot ! Managed to find a spot at the 3 Rd one I dropped by . This was in Gardermoen and nothing special.
  • On Sunday got back to Oslo quite late from a day trip . Went to Himkok. This is a world famous cocktail bar and I can understand why ! CNN ranked it as #20 on the list of best cocktail bars in the world for 2017!
  • The bars in Oslo on Sunday were almost completely empty ! If you prefer a quiet setting, I recommend going to these bars on a weekday or Sunday night ! I liked it more on a Sunday . If you want to be around people than best to go on a Saturday or Friday night !
  • Himkok was a three story bar located in an old historical building!
  • It was decorated efficiently and beautifully! Had different kind of sitting areas, outdoor space and areas for dancing.The kind hostess gave me a tour of the bar’s multiple flours , cocktail creation process and much more ! She was very knowledgeable and thoughtful. See photos below .
  • The special at this bar is cocktail made from  ingredients from different parts of Norway . The cocktails were some of the best I have had !
  • This bar didn’t serve food , however the hostess recommended a second bar called Crowbar for late night eats.
  • Crowbar was also beautifully decorated. It was also almost empty. Had their falafel wrap, and pita chips . Both tasted amazing. Highly recommended this place for late night eats !

Do visit Crowbar and Himkok if in Oslo . They are uniquely decorated , friendly staff , good cocktails and food ! I highly recommend both bars !

Cocktails of Himkok



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