How to Buy Ripple If Your Kraken Account Is Not Verified ?

How to Buy Ripple If Your Kraken Account Is Not Verified ?

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I am a Canadian Cryptocurrency Investor.  I mainly have positions held in Coinbase. Wanted to invest in Ripple, and Coinbase currently does not offer Ripple. I had opened a Kraken account – however my verification was stuck in Tier 2/3. What that means is I cannot fund my account using a bank or a credit card.

After sending Kraken’s support team an email today – an Erukea moment struck me.  I can fund my Kraken account using the Cryptocurrency I own in my other exchange.

I deposited some additional money into my Litecoin account on Coinbase and send that money to Kraken to fund a Ripple purchase.

The sending over the Litecoin from Coinbase took longer than the time it took for me to send Bitcoin Cash between Coinbase and Quadriaga. I would have to look into it latter.

For some reason it took Kraken over 30 minutes to provide confirmation that it has received the Litecoin transaction . I could not trade till I had received this confirmation.  I made a mistake with my strategy . I should have send over my bitcoin from Coinbase instead of Litecoin. I had to convert my Litecoin to Bitcoin before being able to buy Ripple. I converted my Litecoin to Bitcoin and than bought Ripple. The transaction went through ! Now I am the proud owner of Ripple, Bitcoin , Bitcoin Cash , Ethereum and Litecoin !




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