My Favorite Places To Eat In Manhattan New York

My Favorite Places To Eat In Manhattan New York

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I have been lucky enough to vacation in New York and travel to New York for Work ! I been there many times and have had a chance to try many different restaurants . A lot of places have high reviews and are on lists but didn’t quite blow me away . There are a few places I would go back to again and again. These places left me with an amazing impression !

Some of my favorite places :

1. Los Tacos No. 1  –  This place has a four and half star review and are on many lists. I was debating about trying this place for dinner . I was thinking I wanted something with strong flavor ( Indian food ) but decided to give this place a try . I had two chicken tacos at this place and was blown away by the flavor ! My tacods didn’t have cheese yet the flavor was incredible. I would go back to this place again and again. Los Tacos – you guys are doing a great job please expand to Canada ! This is also located in Chelsea Market. It is a lovely area to walk around in – especially on a weekday night when it is not crowded.  They have another location near Time’s Square – worth trying for sure !


2. Morimotto – We came to this place while on vacation in New York. Our bill was quite high- however it was worth it. The food was incredible. I had some of the best sushi here. The decor , service and food is exceptional . They have one of the coolest bathroom design I have seen . Really enjoyed all the rolls as well. They do a really good job combining flavors together .  This is a place I would visit multiple times as well  !


3. Tony’s Di Napoli   – This restaurant is near Battery Park and is the best Italian Food I have had in New York. Their pasta and tiramisu was incredible. Especially the tiramisu . It was rich, tasty and a large portion. It was so good that I brought it back to my hotel and eat it over the next two days ! This is a place I would definitely go back to .


4. Joe’s Pizza  – This is my favorite pizza place in NY. This is such a simple place but the pizza is amazing . I been to places like Lombardi in New York , however I still prefer the simpleness of Joe’s Pizza. They have multiple locations and one even near Time’s square. Do try it out.

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