Anthony Bourdain ‘s Layover Restaurants In Toronto

Anthony Bourdain ‘s Layover Restaurants In Toronto

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I love watching food shows . One of my favorite shows to watch is Anthony Bourdain’s Layover. I recently watched his layover show on Toronto. Wanted to make a note of some of the places he had visited so I can drop by latter on.

Out of 18 places that caught my eye 3 closed, I been to 4 which leaves me with 11 possible places to visit in Toronto. Not bad.


Here goes:

  1. Owl of Minerva – Korean Chain restaurant . I think it would be worth a try .
  2. Poutini’s – I have been to Poutini’s and I wasn’t a fan of what I ate. However I am willing to give it a second try given the number of positive reviews I have seen.
  3. Bacchus Roti Shop  – I am always up for trying new places for Roti. Will  have to give this one a try.
  4. The Burger’s Priest  – I love this place . My favorite  Toronto Burger place.
  5. California Sandwiches – This is also a chain with 14 locations. It looks good. Will be trying this out as well.
  6. The Black Hoof – Looked fancy and interesting. It is now on the list.
  7. The Beast  – I have been here for brunch and I wasn’t a fan. Perhaps I should try out a different meal here.
  8. Porchetta & Co – Has multiple locations . Wouldn’t be a place for since they only serve pork .
  9. Carousel Bakery , St.Lawrence Market –  I cant remember if I been here but looks like a great place to try.
  10. Altona Kabob – In North York ! Would be trying this soon.
  11. WVRST – Have been here already . Fun place to go with friends.
  12. Bairrada Churrasqueira – This is also a chain.  When craving for meat will give this place a try.
  13. Edulis – This place is on many lists. Would be trying it soon.
  14. The Cocktail Bar –  Don’t really drop by to many bars on its own. Maybe one day.
  15. The Horseshoe Tavern  – Place with a lot of history . I may drop by .


Restaurants on the show that has closed :

  1. Spence’s Bakery ( Jerk Place )
  2. Forestview Restaurant
  3. Agave & Aguacate

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