Laser Hair Removal Side Effects – How to treat it

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects – How to treat it

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A good friend of mine does laser hair removal on her body. She has been doing this treatment for now over 9 years. After she went for her last laser hair removal touch up  treatment she broke out into white bumps/pimples in some of the treatment areas !

She was stressed and freaked out.

She did some internet research and decided to do acne treatment to get rid of the white bumps/pimples. After a day of treatment the bumps did not get better . She then called her laser technician – The technician recommended Hydrocortisone. You can buy this at any pharmacy . You put Hydrocortisone before applying moisturizer . This made a big difference. The Hydrocortisone helped the white pimples to reduce and for the scars and irritation to go down.

If you require the white pimples to be gone sooner you can get rid of it using a Qtip and alcohol wipes.  You apply pressure with the Qtip to one side of the white pimple till it pops out and than you clean it using alcohol wipes.  Once done you apply Hydrocortisone to the area.

Over a week to two  – most of the impact from the  bad reaction from the treatment will be gone.

Following the steps provided above you can get rid of the white bumps/pimples that appear after a laser treatment.  This is not a normal scenario – please do contact the clinic that did your treatment if you break out into such pimples.

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