Short Term Trade Katanga Mining Limited – Sold [ KAT.TO ]

Short Term Trade Katanga Mining Limited – Sold [ KAT.TO ]

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I made a short term buy earlier today of KAT.TO at $1.68.  You can find my post about buying here. The markets were on my side today – The price ran up 8% after I bought the stock.  I sold at $1.74 for a 3.6% return. I could have gotten a higher return if I had held it for longer, however I was happy with my 3.5 % gain and went with the sell.

These are the perfect kind of trades for day trading. It is always a good feeling when your trade goes your way.  You have to be careful – sometimes such a trade can catch you in a bad way. When  you buy a stock for a short term trade and that stock takes an unexpected dive – it can be painful. Always a very torturous experience. You have to take the good with the bad when you are trading !

I am currently holding one such stock : LAC.TO. My time frame is coming to an end and I have to make a decision soon. More on this trade latter.

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