Sold Alimentation Couche-Tard [ ATD.B ] on Jan 26th !

Sold Alimentation Couche-Tard [ ATD.B ] on Jan 26th !

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I had purchased Alimentation Couche-Tard [ ATD.B] for a short term trade on Jan . 19th . This was one of my short term holds. My strategy for this year for one of my TFSA is to do short term trading. I define short term as a maximum holding period of one month. After one month – I have to sell regardless of the loss percentage. This limit on the holding period is to force myself to be disciplined and to avoid holding on to bad trades for long.

On Jan 26th  – I sold Alimentation Couche-Tard [ ATD.B ] . My profit on this trade was 2.91% which was about $291 . The goal is to gradually do many of these trades a month without having to lose a large amount on a bad trade.

Will adjust as needed throughout the year and share lessons learned.

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