Anthony Bourdain ‘s Layover Show – Restaurants In New York

Anthony Bourdain ‘s Layover Show – Restaurants In New York

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I travel frequently to New York for Work and one of my favorite things to do in the evenings is visit different restaurants.  You can find my list of favorite restaurants in New York here .

I recently started watching Anthony Bourdain’s Layover show and wanted to collect some restaurants from his New York episode .

Here are some places from his show I am going to be trying soon :

  1. Bemelmans Bar – The Carlyle ( Hotel )  – “Named in honor of Ludwig Bemelmans, the creator of the classic Madeline children’s books”
  2. Burger Joint NY  –  ( Cash Only )
  3. Shake Shack – I have tried this and this is one of my favorite places  !
  4. Minetta Tavern ( West Village )
  5. The Subway Inn Dive Bar – Probably not a place I would visit.
  6. Crif Dog  – Looks like a chain . Will try for sure.
  7. PDT – Cocktail Bar near one of the Crif Dog locations
  8. M Wells  – In Long Island – so not sure I would end up here.
  9. Ess A Bagel – Bagel place on my list now
  10. Baohaus –  Taiwanese Sandwich
  11. Papaya Dog – Bourdain’s Favorite hot dog place . Had something similar but not sure if it was the same place. Will give it a try next time.
  12. Arepa Lady – Fried Cornmeal Cake ! If not too far will definitely dry this .

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